Brighton Road Studios was created and developed by Mushroom Works CIC. In 2011 Mushroom Works CIC bought the building and refurbished it with support from Department for Communities and Local Government, Arts Council England and Gateshead Council.

The building was originally built as a church, in 1903. It is now a grade II listed building which has veeb carefully and lovelingly, refurbished and restored by Mushroom Works with help from KIOSK architects. Christoph Oschatz, project architect of Kiosk Architecture & Design adds:

“For us as designers, a project like this is inspiring. You are striving to inject new meaning and use into an old building whilst being respectful to its past and celebrating the architectural qualities and features it has. That meant that old and new do need to stand next to each other, each proud of their intention and supporting each other. We believe those two things can be married. In this case it meant for instance that we created independent studio pods within the main hall allowing for the original space to be experienced and for the existing ceiling to be left intact. We applied new slimline double glazing to the existing timber framed windows. Walls and ceilings of the pods were lined to improve the energy performance of the building. 70sqm of Photovoltaic panels on the roof contribute to the long-term economic viability and environmental sustainability of the proposal and create approximately 9KW of electricity.”