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The final Design...

28 October 2011 -- Nick James
Brighton Road Studios elevations drawings


This week marks an important point in the development of Brighton Road Studios.


For some weeks now, the Design team, of Kiosk Architecture and Taylor Design Partnership, have been working very hard to create the final Scheme, which has now been drawn up and printed, and sent off to a selection of contractors for them to price up and tender for the work.


Development of this final scheme has brought with it several big questions and important points to consider when thinking about what we want the studios to be like.


We will be including Photovoltaic panels on the roof to help reduce the impact of this building on the environment, however, as the building is listed, the building conservation officer is not keen to let us insulate some parts of the building as the works required may destroy some the internal features which make this building what it is today. It feels a little like the steps we are taking to make this building environmentally considerate are being outweighed by the need to retain the character and existing features of the building. There is a fine line to walk when dealing with this kind of building in this day and age, and these questions have certainly made us stop and think.


We hope to double glaze the building where possible, again this is reliant on the building conservation officer looking favourably on our application to do this, which will also help to reduce the impact of the building on the environment due to lower heating costs and needs.


Internally in the main hall we will be using chestnut paneling on the walls interspersed with display areas, to show work of the tenants when in there. The wonderful roof in the main hall will be retained and treated with nothing other than light, to show it off to it’s full glory.


The completion of this stage in the project has brought with it a increased excitement and energy for the project, reinforcing the fact that we are creating a truly unique and exceptional arts space.