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Glad we are branded

01 February 2012 -- Nick James

Brighton Road Studios has now been branded! We chose those clever boys at Glad creative to come up with and develop the identity for the whole project. 

Glad worked on the idea of colaboration, as that is what we hope Brighton Road Studios will encourage. The brand reflects this as is about celebrating and encouraging creative collaboration. It is founded in the belief that when practitioners from various creative disciplines intermingle, share ideas and provide a different perspective, the results can be even more original, creative and impressive than when they work in isolation. This spirit of creative collaboration is communicated through the visual identity. The flexible logo is formed from a combination of geometric shapes, patterns and colours, each one different - but always marvelous when they come together.

Creative people come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. The Brighton Road Studios logo appears in various different shapes and colours to represent the diversity of skills, backgrounds and approaches found at Brighton Road Studios. It appears in various combinations of these shapes and colours to represent the creative possibilities that can result from these practitioners sharing space, ideas and working collaboratively. 

They also designed this lovely website - we hope you like it - we do!