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Cap-a-Pie bringing a little happiness to pupils

01 June 2013 -- Nick James

This Spring/Summer saw Cap-a-Pie work on developing an opera production with Year 3 pupils from West Park Academy in Darlington. The opera was based on The Quiltmaker’s Gift, a picture book by Jeff Brumbeau. The book tells the cialis pas cher story of a selfish king’s journey to find happiness in giving, helped along by a magical quiltmaker.

The class had been exploring happiness as a project in class and this book was the perfect starting point to get the children thinking about happiness in a more creative and abstract way. A key part of the project was using Philosophy for Children to create questions from the story’s themes.

Cap-a-Pie then used the themes to create songs, dialogue, posters and comic books with the children. The end of the project moved to a rehearsal room style workshop, where Cap-a-Pie developed and rehearsed the whole show in just three days!! As you would expect, the final production was performed to a packed audience to great applause.

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