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Act Positive lead the way at Emotional Intelligence conference

17 July 2013 -- Nick James


Brighton Road Studios tenant Katharine Roff of Act Positive led the UK delegation to Nexus EQ, an international conference for Emotional Intelligence this June at Harvard in Boston.

The conference was a rare opportunity for people working in the areas of human development to share latest research, case studies and emerging practice looking at the impact of emotions in people performance.

What is emotional intelligence, I hear you ask? Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognise and navigate emotions to achieve better life experience and performance. EQ like IQ can be monitored and assessed and developed; EQ is now widely recognized as a significant factor in leadership effectiveness.

Now that Katharine is back she will be developing the creative work of Act Positive using tools and techniques associated with emotional intelligence that raise organisational performance.

We’re excited to hear how Act Positive will be using their new ideas around emotional intelligence to great affect….

For more information on what Act Positive are up to visit the website at