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Peculiar Disco Moves

13 August 2013 -- Nick James
Peculiar Disco Moves


Jo Oliver of Jowheretogo is currently working with Northeast post-Britpop band Peculiar Disco Moves.

From humble beginnings rehearsing in a Glue Factory, an old Dentist Surgery, and a studio once used by The Lighthouse Family (until it flooded), Peculiar Disco Moves have evolved into a band that glorifies the trials and tribulations of raw British life within the boundaries of their own unique brand of feelgood, fun, inspiring progressive-pop narratives. 

Peculiar Disco Moves recently followed up their 2011 debut-EP with a new 3-track extravaganza ‘The Domino Effect’, released 12th April 2013. The EP has been supported by a limited edition half pint glass which comes with a download code for the band’s Bandcamp page.

Jo is helping to make the next release, at the end of September an even bigger success for the band. They will be playing at Corbridge Festival (after some badgering by Jo) on Saturday 17th of August. Their new music is set to be pinged to radio stations all over the country and to targets in the US, specially selected by Jo. And magazines will be duly bedecked with their faces, if Jowheretogo gets her way.

You can listen to their music on soundcloud and can be heard, on occasion, on the Jowheretogo Show on buy brand viagra NE1fm 102.5 on Mondays, 12 noon until 1pm. The show is all about what’s on in Newcastle and Gateshead so let Jo know if you have an arts, theatre, music or any other cultural event that could benefit from a mention.